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Eagle Eye View General Trading Company was established in Kuwait in 2018, founded and run by Mrs. Sarah AlSharhan and Mr. Shamlan AlSharah.


We are a dedicated team providing aerial, ground, micro, and nocturnal photography and videography documentation of wildlife, which is then designed into an expressive digital or tangible visual. We cover landscapes, flora and fauna, including birds, mammals, amphibians, insects, and more, through exploratory trips and extensive research. Our broad knowledge and expertise in marketing and visual communications, allows us to communicate effectively to the public.


EEV is created from the passion for wildlife and documenting their behavior for awareness, long-term sustainability, and for future generations. EEV started from the need for wildlife awareness to protect against the extinction of species in Kuwait and the need for human behavioral changes for a sustainable future.


Eagle Eye View’s mission is to build a more sustainable future through wildlife awareness and to make a difference in protecting the amazing and rare wildlife species in Kuwait, the GCC, and globally.


In order to achieve our mission, it is essential for EEV to cooperate with local and governmental institutes for long-term sustainability through visual awareness of wildlife and conservation efforts. We feel the need and responsibility to make a difference in Kuwait, the GCC, and globally. We believe, through the awareness and understanding of wildlife, people can truly appreciate nature and begin changing their behavior.


Nature is unpredictable, but spend some time with nature, and it always reveals its magic; it is our responsibility to capture that magic and show it to the world.